45 years – that’s how long we’ve been sharing our taste for excellence with our customers

What challenge do we set for ourselves?
To bring you quality fruit and vegetables every day, in the quantity you need, and at the stage of ripening set out in your specification.
And we do all this with responsiveness, flexibility, professionalism, good humour and a passion for ensuring 100% satisfaction for our customers!

THE soly’s



The art of ripening

packed with satisfaction

The Lyon-Corbas wholesale market

only the

Products sourced from all corners of the world to bring you the best there is.

At Soly, we like to combine beautiful products with pure taste pleasure.
You know those fruits and vegetables that make your eyes light up and your tastebuds tingle?
Thanks to our exacting approach and our passion, you can enjoy these healthy delights.

more than
Years’ expertise in ripening (since 1977 – that certainly counts for something!)
Fruit packaging plants
dedicated avocado sorting line
Ripening rooms

just on

a proven process right up to the final delivery

to protect the fruit entrusted to us and ensure it is at the various degrees of ripeness requested by our customers


Our pure pleasure
quality label

Our exacting approach and our passion for a fine product have fired us with a desire to share our enthusiasm with our customers through the creation of a quality label.
And this carefully thought-out desire, once it was ripened, led to the creation of the Sosun brand.

Our Sosun brand offers the following guarantees:

  • A combination of quality and regularity.

    Our expertise in ripening, together with the technology of our dedicated avocado sorting line, guarantee you perfect fruit with every order and every bite.
  • Collaboration with outstanding producers.

    Thanks to the passion and professionalism of our producers, we can offer you the finest avocados and bananas.
  • Pure taste pleasure at all times of year.

    An explosion of flavours all year round thanks to sourcing on different continents, meticulously selected producers, and ripening expertise.

Fruit, vegetables and
passionate people

Every day, our exceptional teams do their utmost to respond promptly to your needs and offer you solutions.

A [SOLY]team for a long-term relationship of trust.

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Today in “It’s in Season”, we’re going to talk about a vegetable that developed from the cardoon – the artichoke.


#Food #safety has always been, and still remains, one of SOLY IMPORT’s main focuses for attention, development and continuous improvement.

A joyful start to the new year

A joyful and good-humoured start to the new year at SOLY IMPORT!
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We are proud to present our latest innovation!…

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